Got It Finally!

I am not really a fan of Stephen King. Watched a few of his novel-based television series and movies, like The Shining, Dreamcatcher, The Tommyknockers, Children of the Corn, Secret Windows and The Green Mile. Never had I read a book of his, except one. I read it when I was in secondary school, borrowed it from the school library. It isn’t his best book ever, but I couldn’t quite forget that story.

I’ve forgotten about the name of the book, have been looking for it in the bookstore but couldn’t find it. I took some time, went to check on every of his book’s description and finally I found it. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

It wasn’t exactly horror and thriller. It was about a little girl, who loved Tom Gordon, her favorite baseball player, got lost in the forest. It was all about how she managed to survive in the woods only later to be attacked by a bear and died. It was a sad story to read but at the same time you’d be awed by how much a little girl like Trisha knew about all the survival skills in the woods. Oh well, it’s just a story book you might say. There is still so many messages you could get from the book.

Finally, yesterday I found it in Kinokuniya! Of course I want to read it once again although I still remember it like I’ve only read it yesterday. I don’t know why this novel imprinted in my mind for so long.

Besides Stephen King, I bought another Jimmy Liao’s book. Hahaha. My 4th Jimmy Liao’s. :)

The book is so cute! It has more “words” in this book.