Seoul In, Seoul Out #1

Went to Seoul for 5 days 4 nights, with colleagues, a company trip. This isn’t the first time I went for a company trip without Andrew, the first time was 2 years ago when I went Phuket. This time, I felt heavier to leave him. Hugged him few more times at the airport and my arms felt so heavy to let go. If the tea lady (I called her Auntie) wasn’t with me, guess I would just cry there and then. Hahaha. Silly me. Few minutes later, I received a message from Andrew, written in Chinese. I was touched, and that really got me teary. And I, really took good care of myself during the trip, so that I didn’t make him worried. :)

We were basically rushing for time everyday during the trip. That’s the consequence of following a tour, but you don’t have to worry about the transportation and food. There’s just pros and cons.

The sceneries in Seoul are just so beautiful during autumn. Fell in love with Seoul the moment I saw the falling leaves. The weather was pretty unpredictable. It was pretty warm last week, I didn’t even wear the down jacket that I brought along. The double-breast trench coat was enough to keep me warm. Perhaps I could stand the cold, and I like the cold, a trench coat and most importantly a shawl/scarf is enough for me. Don’t listen to too much of advice, just bring a mixture of thick and thinner clothes so that you will have something to fall back to whenever the weather changes. Do prepare some winter wear if you’re going during the winter.

First day, went to Mt Sorak (Seoraksan). That is such a beautiful place. We even climbed the mountain, I didn’t make it to the top, looks too scary for me. The view on top is just stunning! There are so many colors down at the Shinheungsa temple too! Mt Sorak is the place I miss the most.

Went to Teddy Bear Farm thereafter, saw a bear that I like but it is so bloody expensive! For a medium size it needs about RM85! Geez…… Forget it.

Brief stop in Daepohang port, bosses bought some seafood but the rest of us only bought some snacks to chew. Finally, checked in to Sorak Kumho Resort. We slept on the tatami! A unique experience. :D

Flying with Korea Air, superb service and meals!

Our beautiful tour guide, speaks good English.

A lot of bridges and tunnels in South Korea, no joke man! They’re all magnificently built!

On our way to Mt. Sorak.

Another beautiful bridge.

First lunch! Yummy!!!

Teddy Bear Museum.

Finally, Mt. Sorak!

Climbing Mt. Sorak. :)

That’s the peak!!!

View from inside the cable car.

Daepohang Port.

Lots of seafood.

Sorak Kumho Resort. Each unit can sleep up to 5 persons, but we only sleep 2. :)

There’s a kitchen in every unit where you can cook the seafood you bought from Daepohang Port.

There’s 2 rooms in each unit. My colleague and I used only one room, scary to sleep alone. Hahahaha.

That’s it for our first day in Seoul.