Day Trip To Ipoh

Went to Ipoh last Saturday, with Andrew, Wan Yi with her hubby, and Melissa with her hubby. All 6 of us, 2 cars. It was so much fun. We stopped in Bidor to have the famous duck noodles.

Around 4pm, we reached the hotel that Melissa was staying. Mel and her hubby stayed one night over there, while the rest of us rushed home on the same day after Nicole’s wedding dinner. Andrew’s gotta work the next morning.

The hotel is new, Tower Regency, everything still looks clean and new. Mel got the apartment suite, RM140 per night, with 2 rooms, 3 beds. It was kind of cheap. We went there to refresh ourselves and changed for the dinner later the evening.

The lamp melts!!! Hahaha.

Thanks to Andrew for this nice photo.

Me getting ready for the dinner.

Andrew took this, the view from the hotel.

Finally, the bride.

Thanks to Mel for this lovely photo. :D

Wan Yi and hubby.

Melissa and hubby.

The bride & groom of the day! Nicole looks so beautiful.

We enjoyed the trip and the night a lot, we were having so much fun! Laughing and chatting during the dinner. Hahaha.

P/S: My iPhone crashed yesterday!!! The screen went blank, home button is not working, couldn’t turn off the phone as well. It is only 2 months of using and I swear that I am not a heavy user!!! *Sobs sobs* Gotta send it in for checking tomorrow. My lovely iPhone, life without you is definitely miserably sad and bored.

Wedding: Bee Hui & Siau Yang (My First)

This is their first time, and also my first time.

As I mentioned before, I feel honoured to play a part in their wedding. Siau Yang & Bee Hui have been together for the past 11 years. It is a long, long, long time…… Finally, they’re now husband and wife. It’s a long wait!

Both of them are friendly persons…… Erm… How should I put it? They are very easy-going, not those fussy type of people. They’re generous too, and forgiving. LOL. Seems like I am praising them. Nope, I’m not getting anything for saying all the nice things. I guess they do not know I have a blog too. :)

I reached hometown around 4pm, with Phoebe. We didn’t go back home the first thing, we went to Bee Hui’s house. Saw her chatting with her friend, she told us she got nothing else to do anymore. Then, I noticed she didn’t do any manicure. No nail polish, nothing. Fine, she said she wasn’t into that kind of thing. No pedicure done either!!! Okay, that’s it. I insisted to bring her out for manicure and pedicure! LOL! And Phoebe saw Siau Yang’s hair, she suggested him to go for hair cut! Gosh… Both the groom and the bride are just too… fussy-free. Hahahahaha……

The shooting of their wedding was fun! I was tired, no doubt. Climbing high and low, squatting, lying…… Gosh, I’ve never tried doing so many actions in one day! I’ve got a few bruises here and there, especially around my knees. Hahaha. Also, I strained the muscles on my legs. Even until now I could still feel the pain, can hardly squat down now, it’s painful while sitting down as well.

I wouldn’t say that I did very good. I did my best. I just hope I did not disappoint my friends.

In the coming months, guess I shall be upgrading my lens. Geez…… Where to find those money? :(

So sweet of my friends gave me a small token. I was merely helping and didn’t hope to receive anything in return. Guess I shall do an album for them.

My kit lens is having some problem, the auto-focus is not working now…… Gosh…… What should I do with my upcoming assignments?! Money money money……

P/S: Ok, I know I’m bad for not putting up any photos here. Please give me some time, I’m editing a few. Thanks.

Newly Wed

It’s been a week I didn’t write. Busy with the wedding and no internet access here. Now plugged in to Andrew’s 3G phone, finally get to write something. Blogging has become a habit now. May not be writing it frequently, but I sure miss blogging if I couldn’t write for few days.

All the hardwork, arguments, disagreements, efforts… already come to an end. It is now another stage of my life. I am a wife and a daughter-in-law to someone now.

Alright, now about my wedding. I actually didn’t feel anything on my big day. I smiled all the way and I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t remember who I have seen in that morning, everything just happened so fast and yet so slow. I was basically rushing for everything. It rained heavily the night before. I didn’t have a good sleep. After finished doing the bridal car (yes, I decorated and tied the ribbons of my own bridal car), it was almost 12am. Went back the rented house and after shower and all, it was 1am. I wasn’t in good shape on my big day.

The morning was raining heavily as well. Luckily it was only drizzling when Andrew came. My make-up in the morning wasn’t that good…… I blame myself for not communicating well with the make-up artist. Guess I was so overwhelmed that I forgot a lot of things. Didn’t have a group photos with my bridesmaids, not even a photo with all the groomsmen too. The tea ceremony in Andrew’s house took such a long time, all the bridesmaid and groomsmen were gone by the time we finished the ceremony.

After the ceremony, it was already 1pm. 2pm went back the rented house as the “returning home” ceremony. Then rushed to the temple for some praying. Gosh, it was raining tonnes and tonnes of cats and dogs!!! Went to the salon for the make-up at 4pm. Finished everything at 7pm!!! Was late for the guests welcoming, and the rain never stopped. But fortunately it wasn’t heavy.

The night went on so fast as well. I enjoyed more of the night than the day. But the gown was giving me some hard time. Didn’t expect it to be so damn long!!! The tail was long as well, had to get my sister and cousin to help me carrying the tail during toasting!!! Muahahahaha……

My sisters all looked so lovely and pretty that night. It’s been a long time I have not seen them dressed up so nice!

Time really flies. I am married for 3 days. Looking back, I do no wish to replay any part of my wedding. What’s done is done. I hold firmly to my belief, no regrets.

Here, I would like to say thanks to all my sisters, my younger sister’s fiance, my best friend Phoebe, Joveen, Teresa, all the groomsmen and the photographer Siu. Most importantly, my parents and my parents-in-law. Both of them did help us a lot. I like the room that MIL decorated, so warm and nice.

It was such a coincident that on my wedding day, it was also my nephew’s and Andre’s cousin’s birthday! We celebrated their birthday right after our dinner in the restaurant! It was fun!!! And that little cheeky fella gets to kiss the girl!!! Hahahaha……

Here’s a sneak preview to my wedding photos. Taken using my own camera. Will only get those from the photographer after a month.

All my family members are here, except eldest bro-in-law, had to take care of his business.

Busy Week

It was a crazy week. I have done my registration of marriage (ROM), sending over of wedding stuff from Andrew’s parents and also my Johor wedding dinner all in one day!!!

It was fun though. There was nothing which I regret or hope I could have done better. Everything went on smoothly. The events just came one after another. Guess what. During such a busy day, I could still find time to do a photos slideshow. Of course, with a little help from my best friend, Phoebe. She was with me the whole day, right from the morning to the end of the night. She was the photographer of the day as well. Hahaha. All my ROM photos were taken by her.

The wedding dinner in Batu Pahat was great as well. So happy to see my colleagues which came all the way from KL.

Here to share some.

Got the bouquet at RM50.

Our parents.

YES!!! Officially & legally married! Haha.

My bestest friend, Phoebe.

Happy family.

Mama looks so beautiful.

My uncle (dad’s younger bro), his wife & my cousin in the middle.

On the left: my nephew.

Whole bunch of crazy friends.

My eldest sis and family.

My younger sister.

The cheeky and mischievious one!

My 2nd sis and her daughter.

Double Surprise. Double Happiness.

Day: Monday
Weather: Rainy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon
Mood: From blues to bored to happy

This morning got into the office at 6.30am. I brought my laptop to work, ’cause I wanted to finish my wedding photos slideshow. Managed to finish it within 2 hours. Phew, that wasn’t easy.

Ok. I must admit, today is just another boring working day. Except in the morning my colleague, Chui Ling brought her cutie pie, Eunice, to the office. Her presence totally brighten up the gloomy office. She’s such a lovely and cute baby!!!

Later afternoon, colleague came to my place gave me a plastic bag. Inside was another paper bag, with a greetings card. Well, few of them bought a wedding gift for me!!! They couldn’t make it for my wedding dinner, so they decided to buy me a gift. That was really unexpected and sweet. It’s a pair of gold earrings!!! I just could not thank enough. Other than thank you, I really don’t know what else to say. It was really nice of them.

Andrew came to pick me up from work. Showed him the gift my colleagues gave me. He was delighted as well. Went home to wait for his dad to call us for dinner. I noticed that someone touched my stuff in the wardrobe, and my stuff beside the wardrobe were actually rearranged. I was quite surprised that Andrew cleaned up. Ok, I’m those kind of person that will notice even the slightest change in the way I put/keep my things. Someone touched it, eventhough it’s been put back at the same place same way, I would still notice it. Weird huh……

While I was busy taking photos of those wedding stuff, he suddenly told me he had something for me which I could take more pictures of. Off he went to take the thing. Came in, he said actually “I wanted to propose to you.” Hahahahahahahaha… That was a shocking news to me. I thought it would never come! Then, he showed me this card.

This is his proposal!!! Hahahaha… I laughed so hard. My tears rolled down. Actually, I felt happy and touched. I just couldn’t stop laughing looking at the card and the photo on it. Hahahaha…… He DIY-ed it. When I opened it. Gosh!!! There’s a 3D pop-out flower inside!!! And it’s actually a green film glued over the yellow card at the front. He is so creative!!! He really made this card himself, ’cause I saw this 60 sen on the top right corner of the card!!! He said he couldn’t find an eraser. Hahahahahaha……

On the right is what I previously written in my blog about Like. Love. Need. It was so touching that he did remember what I mentioned before. On the left, well… It’s the say-yes thingy. Before I opened the Yes-box, I asked “what if I said NO? Where’s the No-box?” He said, “If no, then you don’t have to open that thing.” Hahahahahahaha…… Guess he left me no choice but to open the Yes-box, he’s so cunning. Carefully opened it, I expected some romantic words inside. Well…… I was so wrong!!! See below.

Gosh!!! Inside is the photo that I was showing this “V” sign, which kind of mean “YES”!!! I just couldn’t believe that he is so creative!!! The photo just says it all. Again, I was laughing hysterically.

The whole proposal card thing, took about 15 minutes, from flipped open it right up to the Yes-box thing. No fancy dinner, no romantic ambience, no loving music…… But a card full with loves and ideas and creativity. I just love it so much. He is in fact a romantic person in his own way. It was my idea that we should not splurge on a proposal. I wouldn’t want him to spend unncessarily. I even told him I do not need a proposal now. Still, I got my proposal, helped him saved money, and I am so so so happy. :)

I just couldn’t stop grinning…… :) :) :) This could never come at a better time than now. I need this now. :) :) :)

P/S: It was Andrew who went through my wardrobe and stuffs to look for the long forgotten diamond ring, which was in the box, in a paper bag, on the cabinet.

I love the flower. Can’t believe he did this!

19 Freaking Days

It’s 11.31pm now. Technically, I am 18 days closer to my wedding day, but 11 days closer to my wedding dinner in Johor.

Been through ups and downs over the past 6 months. Seen a lot of things which I didn’t get to see if it weren’t because of my wedding. Know even more things. Learned that Andrew’s mom actually adores me. Understand that money has always been an issue. Feel more loved by Andrew.

It’s getting nearer and nearer!!!
Nervous? Perhaps.
Excited? Maybe.
Happy? Not really.
Emotional? DEFINITELY!!!


It is really not easy to plan for a wedding. Be it your own or someone else’s. I once thought it was an easy task, just get a date, get a gown, and wait for the day to come. I realised I was so wrong the moment I started planning my own.

I was pretty sad when I couldn’t get Jenny Sun as my wedding photographer. The search for a perfect photographer went on for 2 months. I contacted more than 30 wedding photographers available in Malaysia, from super duper pricey to extremely budget.

The next big disappointment is the reception dinner. I can’t have it my way, which is in a nicely decorated hotel ballroom. It is going to be in a run-down restaurant located beside the beach. Yep, the beach does give it some plus point. But the interior of the restaurant is disaster…

Anyway, I still feel lucky sometimes. My pre-wedding photoshoot went well, the photos are great. Mom is helping me a lot on small stuff. Got a budget wedding photographer and make-up artist.

Some asked, wedding is coming soon, how do I feel? Well… I was thrilled with my wedding at the very beginning, finally I’m getting married. Now as the day’s getting closer, I’m not feeling excited for it anymore. I am waiting for the day to come, just get it over and done with.

By the way, my boyfriend has yet to propose to me. HA! Planning a wedding without a proposal.

Wedding Bells

Another colleague got married, last Saturday. She was drop dead gorgeous.

It was such a touching moment when it came to the vowing part. That’s what I like about christian wedding, you actually say it out loud.

It was funny when the slideshow began showing the process of the courtship. What a brilliant idea!

Phew… Another two weddings to go in December. Unfortunately, it’s not my own wedding, yet. Hahahahaha……