Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Photo by Melissa, taken in Bangkok, May 2012.

Who would have thought that the 6 of us would stick together for so long……

All of us are of different age and background. All of us are so different, and yet we are together. I don’t have friends who’s my age that could make such great effort in maintaining a friendship. Speaking of maturity huh?

Thanks to Melissa for always being the understanding one.

Thanks to Wan Yi for always being the compromising one.

It is the little mutual understanding that 3 of us have, that “wanting to make effort in this” factor, that actually pull us together.

Pray that what binds us will not be broken, for as long as we live.

*Muaks* Love you all.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Photo taken on a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostle on Great Ocean Road, Melbourne. The sea was deep blue that it looked like some Jell-O from above. The sky was so clear that I thought I was going to heaven.

It was my first heli ride and it was awesome. All of a sudden, nothing seemed to matter anymore. It was all about the sea, the sun, the sky, the Mother Nature, the creator……

We all are living on this gifted land, but we are taking things for granted. When will we human ever learn that Mother Earth doesn’t belong to us? We are like parasites feeding on her resources, and we give nothing back (except when we die).

Perhaps, all the movies about aliens exterminating the human on earth, isn’t all that fantasy at all.

Perhaps, someday, it will come true. Aliens, or disasters.

Perhaps, not the end of the world, but rather, cleansing.

Perhaps, then, Mother Earth can breathe again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Using low shutter speed, trying to take a good shot of Taipei city at night from Taipei 101 viewing deck.

Cursing myself numerous times for the shaky hands. This, of all the blurry images, came out to be beautiful in its own way. I deleted the rest, except this.

A sea of lights…… Waves of lights…… They’re like fish swimming across the ocean of darkness…… Colorful Taipei……

This reminds me of how much I miss Taiwan……

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I am vain. Yes.

You could call me Miss Vain, I don’t mind. :)

I am me.

The one and only.

However, you can’t copy me.

It is the Ashley-ness that makes me, ME. :)