The Globe and I

On and off, I will be updating this page for all the places that I have been to, local and overseas, for the ease of reference. Do check back for updates. :)

Melbourne (March 2011) – Gathering photos from others.

Melaka (October 2010) – Writing. Geez……

Hong Kong (September 2010) – Have not even started writing!

Bali (August 2010) – Still writing, and what? It’s been more than 6 months?!

Taiwan (January 2010)

Seremban – Makan-makan #2

Seremban – Makan-makan #1

Penang – 3 days 2 nights (December 2009)

Phuket (November 2009)

Melaka (October 2009)

Singapore (August 2009)

Redang Island (August 2009)

Ipoh (May 2009)

Langkawi – 3 days 2 nights (September 2008)

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