Xin Zhu Leofoo Theme Park 新竹六福村. Wu Fen Pu 五分埔. Rao He Night Market 饶河夜市

Woke up early today, but when we reached the bus stop for the bus to Leofoo Village (六福村), it was already 9.30am something. You have to take the MRT blue line to the Zhong Xiao Dun Hua (忠孝敦化) station, take the exit to Zhong Xiao Dun Hua road, go across the street, there is a bus stop there. Wait for the bus to go to Leofoo. On the notice board in the bus stop, it mentions on the time of the bus. Sorry that I couldn’t remember. If you can’t read chinese, all you have to do is stop the bus and ask the driver or ask the locals if there is any around. People in Taiwan are generally very friendly. :)

The bus took us to Leofoo counter. Sorry again I can’t remember what that place is. This is one of the consequences of writing your trip so long after. Ish ish. The entrance ticket to Leofoo theme park costs NTD890 per person. As for the bus ticket, again I forgot! I think it was around NTD120 per person for return trips. There are other alternatives to go to Leofoo theme park. You can refer to the link that I’ve posted above.

Leofoo Village is fun! We didn’t regret of going there! We tried a few rides, except for one that none of us dared to try except Andrew! And he took twice! That is the Screaming Condor (笑傲飞鹰). We had our lunch there too, the service wasn’t that good but the food was still ok. The weather had gotten so cold that day, 13-14 degree Celsius, most of the time we were shivering away. Hahaha.

The bus from Leofoo Village back to Taipei city is every 45 minutes to 1 hour. We went back around 3pm, reached Taipei City about 4pm. We headed straight to Wu Fen Pu (五分埔). We took MRT Bannan (板南) line to Houshanpi (后山卑) station. Supposedly if you took Exit 4 and then walk along Yongji (永吉) road then you will get to Wu Fen Pu. But we couldn’t find it. Asked the locals, only to know it’s on the opposite side of the road. From the look on the shop owner’s face, we could guess we weren’t the only ones who asked. Hahaha.

It was drizzling that afternoon, didn’t make it such a good experience to shop in Wu Fen Pu. Wu Fen Pu is famous for its clothing bargains. But it was winter and most of the clothes were either too thick or long sleeves. I only managed to grab 3 pieces of clothes. Looks like Melissa and Alex have bought more than any of us. LOL! We had our dinner in Wu Fen Pu too, didn’t want to leave yet as it was still early. The dinner was so-so. Basically we all were eating while walking around in Wu Fen Pu. It is so big!

Then we decided it was about time. As we walked along, we came to Rao He Night Market (饶河夜市). Yes, it is only few steps away from Wu Fen Pu. We didn’t stay too long in Rao He as it was still raining and the street was so wet. So, we went back to Ximending around 9pm. On our way to the MRT station, we spotted Cosmed selling lots of masks at discounted price! Each one of us (ladies only of course) bought a box and we bought another 3 small boxes for a friend. Total how much? Hmm…… I think NTD2500 for 4 big boxes and 6 small boxes.

We were kind of lost in Rao He as the station we headed to wasn’t the MRT station. It was a train station (Taipei High Speed Rail 台湾高铁). LOL! We just followed the crowd! Luckily the train could take us back to Taipei main station and from there we took the MRT back to Ximending. Only that it was more expensive to take the train. So people, do watch where you go. Don’t just follow the crowds. :)

Ximending was our last stop again. But we all were so tired and headed back straight to hotel. The journey to and fro Xin Zhu Leofoo earlier was no fun, okay. About 2 hours for round trips. @__@

Getting Around:

Xin Zhu Leofoo Village 新竹六福村 – MRT blue line to Zhong Xiao Dun Hua (忠孝敦化) station, bus to Leofoo Village.

Wu Fen Pu (五分埔) – MRT Bannan (板南) line to Houshanpi (后山卑) station, Exit 4 and then walk along Yongji (永吉) road.

Rao He Night Market (饶河夜市) – near to Wu Fen Pu, at Yongji (永吉) road.

It was so cold that morning!

1st ride – Flying Carpet in the Arabian theme park.

Our lunch! Pretty delicious.

The Western theme park. See the Screaming Condor ride at the far end?

The buildings and scenes felt so real and I actually felt like I was in some western country. :)

The Screaming Condor!!! Andrew was the only who went for the ride. LOL!

That is the other end of the ride.


“Stunt” man at work again!

Shopping in Wu Fen Pu 五分埔商圈.

Wuahahahaha…… “White Man” toothpaste!!!

27 thoughts on “Xin Zhu Leofoo Theme Park 新竹六福村. Wu Fen Pu 五分埔. Rao He Night Market 饶河夜市”

  1. Hi Ashley, I will be going to taipei next month, will be staying at rainbow hotel. can i check with you how to go to dan shui? i will be going to wu fen pu after dan shui then back to rainbow hotel. Can you please help to advise thanks.


  2. Hi,

    It has been very informative reading your blog posts on Taiwan and as I am planning a trip to Taiwan in mid December, I would like to ask if you could kindly help me to see if my itinerary is feasible.

    I will be in Taiwan for 18 days.

    Day 1 to Day 4: Undecided
    Day 5: Taichung (Stay in Taichung)
    Day 6: Travel to Alishan (Stay in Alishan)
    Day 7: Watch sunrise at Alishan. Book a cab to Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing (Stay in Cingjing)
    Day 8: Cingjing Farm, Lushan (Stay in Cingjing)
    Day 9: He Huan Shan and travel to Hualien (Stay in Hualien)
    Day 10: Travel to Hualien to Taroko Gorge, Qi Xing Tan (Stay in Hualien)
    Day 11: Travel to Jiu Fen, Kee Lung Night Market
    Day 12: Jiufen, Shi Fen, Ping Xi
    Day 13 – 18: Taipei

    As I am undecided on where to go for the first 4 days, do you have any recommendations? I am flexible with rearranging the sequence of travelling the listed places if it helps to save more time.

    Many thanks for your help :)

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for reading. :)

      Your itinerary looks fine to me! I can see that you’re moving from centre to north. Good planning! :)

      As for the undecided 4 days, I am really not sure where to suggest. It looks like you have covered pretty much of the centre and north. :)

  3. Hello there,

    I will be going taiwan very soon and am finding for the best theme park to go to. Somehow the only theme park i’ve heard a lot is leofoo village theme park and fancyworld. May i know if its really the best there? Is it suitable for youngsters around age 17-22? are the rides exciting? Cause we love exciting rides. and are there a lot of scary exciting rides? how long will it take to finish playing all the roller coasters and rides in leofoo? will it take all day? or just half day? oh by the way, i’m going during winter as well, is it troublesome to go to a theme park during winter? and i’ve seen pictures of leofoo with some sort of water theme park as well? is it possible to even play those during winter? and is it crowded with people during winter?

    I would love to know more about must-visit-places in taiwan as well. Do you mind sharing? Places that we must NOT miss?

    Thanks! :D

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. :)

      Am not sure if Leofoo is the best theme park in Taiwan, because that’s the only theme park we went and it’s in Xinzhu, near to Taipei.

      There are a few rides there that I would call exciting, but what I think “exciting”, others may not think the same. For my husband, they think they’re moderately adventurous. Whilst for my other friends, they think they’re “scary rides”. So, it really depends on what kind of excitement and adventure you’re looking for. You can go to their website HERE and have a look at all the rides they have.

      If you’re going for all the rides, you’re probably going to spend one whole day there. It can be cold during winter, but it’s not troublesome. Just make sure you bring enough of clothing/jackets. However, if it rains, of course you’ll have to expect certain difficulties in going around.

      Guess it won’t be too crowded during winter, it was very quiet when we were there. As for the water theme park, I think you’ll still be able to do the rides there during winter. Do check out the website for the details.

      The MUST visit places depend on what kind of experience you’re actually looking for. Some prefer sceneries, some prefer adventure, and some may just want to do shopping. Do let me know what you are looking for, so that I can recommend as best as possible. :)

  4. …hi ms ashley were going to leofoo this coming sept 09, 2012…were just taking a train and bus to leofoo…so i will just folow your instruction…thanks

    1. Hello there, thanks for dropping by. Here’s more info for you:
      Here’s the page that shows how to reach there by different transportation —
      And this page here in Chinese shows the bus route and schedule —
      It says that it is best to stop at the MRT Jing An Station, the fastest route to reach Leofoo. For the timetable, look at the orange color tab, the last column shows the timetable for buses in Jing An Station.

      Have a great time. :)

  5. hi ashley…we want the fastest route…because were going to leave around 7am..supposedly @ 6am due to some of friend still work so we have to wait them…pls help me the time for the bus to leofoo…thanks a lot

    1. Hi Lydia, whether it’s worth to spend a night there or not, it depends on individual. If you and your family love theme park, you may think it’s worth it. But if some of you do not like those adventure rides, to spend a night there may not be wise. And you’ll have to see what your family prefer, sight see-ing or adventure theme park?

  6. hi Ashley nice reading your blog… very informative.

    I m going Taiwan on the first week of Oct, I want to book a taxi for a day trip, do you have any to recommend? i have request 2 quotes, one is NTD3000 for 12 hours, but fully booked. the other one is NTD4000. Thought maybe i can get a cheaper ones … hahhaha

    thank you.

    1. Hi Grace, thank you for reading! :)

      I guess it is too late for me to reply and trust that you are now having a great time in Taiwan. So sorry for the late reply. :(

  7. Hi Ashley, your blog is very informative.tks alot. need your advice. my family, 3 adults going to taipei in Dec for 7D/6N. we want to go to places like Cingjing farm stay, sun moon lake cruise, leofoo theme park & resort stay, tarako gorge, try fruit picking & Taipei. maybe too much for 6 days, yah. what do you think and how should we move?

    1. Hi Judy, thank you for your comment. :) You are most welcome.

      I see you prefer scenery. :) It is possible to go to all those places you mention, but I think you can leave leofoo park out if you do not prefer theme park rides.

      You can go to Taroko Gorge first, then proceed to Cingjing and then Sun Moon Lake. Then all the way back to Taipei. I believe 7 days are good enough. :)

  8. Hi. Understand that its been quite sometime since your blog entry.
    But i would like to ask where does the bus drop you guys at when you all return from leofoo? is it at the same place that you guys board the bus? i am planning the same route as u took from taipei to leofoo.
    But just wondering where will the bus drop us when we come back.

    1. Hi Clarisa, thanks for dropping by.
      The bus from Leofoo dropped us at the same place where we took the bus from Taipei.

    1. Hi Yiying, that’s exactly what I did. You may refer to my blog post above for the transport to and fro leofoo.

  9. Hi Ashley , we planning to go taiwan free n easy,is it easy to get round with our big luggage ,how to get to Taichung from Tao yuan airport? Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for dropping by.

      I would say it is better not travel around with big luggage no matter where you go. It’s better to leave your big luggage at the hotel and travel to other places light.

      When you reach Taoyuan airport, you can go to the information/tourism counter to check on the transport to Taichung.

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