Fish Avenue Back On WordPress Domain (UPDATED July 2015)

Dear readers, I am not using my domain name anymore.

My blog is back on Please change your bookmark (ala… as if I got a lot of readers who bookmarked my blog. LOL!) and link and whatever accordingly.

I am keeping my domain name for some other purposes, which I will reveal in the future. Hopefully soon.

Also, it is so darn expensive now to map domain name, our RM currency is RM3.75 to USD1!!!

AND, I may be out of job soon. Have to watch every penny I spend now.

That’s all for now. :)

Update 31 July 2015: Fish Avenue is once again back on Exchange rate is at RM3.81 now, but since I won’t be using the domain for other purposes for the time being, might as well just continue mapping it to Fish Avenue.

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