Debate: Should Men Carry Their Girlfriends’ Handbag?

Thanks to the open-mindedness, we see men are more willing to help their girlfriends/partners with their bags. Unlike those days, where you always see the man walking way up ahead with empty hands and the woman is struggling at the back with grocery bags, shopping bags and handbag.

However, when you see a macho good-looking man carrying a ladies tote bag on his shoulder, walking around the shopping mall holding hands with his girlfriend (with empty hands), what would you think?

Some of us would think that it is fine. Perhaps the girlfriend is tired and the tote bag is heavy.

Some of us would just snort at such a scene and say, “what is the girlfriend thinking asking her man to carry her handbag?!”

Me, I would often think the latter. :D

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not strongly against it, but depends on the circumstances.

Let’s look at this, and picture it in your mind. Use your imagination:

I always carry my oh-so-feminine gold color tote bag from Coach. Now, imagine Andrew is walking around the shopping mall with that on his shoulder, under his armpit…… -_____-

I usually have my wallet, make-up pouch, bunches of keys, 2 handphones and some other “rubbish” in my handbag. It is not very heavy, but it will get heavier especially when I’m tired after a long walk/shop-around. Andrew is always kind enough to offer to carry it for me. I never let him do that. Unless when I go to the wash-room and don’t wish to carry it in with me and he isn’t going.

The reason I don’t let him carry my handbag is because, that is MY handbag. If I don’t want to carry one, I would not even bring one out. Why go all the way to bring your handbag out only to ask your man to carry it for you just because you are tired of carrying it?

If at all I am tired, I would switch shoulders or carry it on my hand or my arm. Sometimes Andrew would insist to carry it for me, and I would always say no. He would tell me that I can “flip” through those clothes more comfortable without the handbag on my shoulder, my answer is always no. If at all he carries, I’d always tell him to NEVER put it on his shoulder! Hahahahaha. I will always take it back from him after a while, because I can’t stand the sight of him carrying a ladies handbag!

When it comes to grocery bags and shopping bags, I’ll never argue with him. I’ll let him carry them all as long as he can manage. I have absolutely no problem of seeing him with 2 handful of paper bags. :) That, only shows that he is macho enough to carry all the loads for me. :D

So, the keyword here is, HANDBAG.

If it is his handbag (for men), I would not say a word, I would even say it’s tasteful for a man to carry a good messenger bag or backpack. If it is your girlfriend’s or wife’s handbag, please, let it stays on her shoulder. No way a man would look tasteful or graceful with that PINK color cute little handbag!!!

Fine, you may argue that there is nothing wrong with helping your partner with her handbag, you love her. Yes. Good if you want to go ahead with it, but please at least carry it like a man. Don’t carry it on your shoulder or hang it on your arm or strap it across your body. Carry it like how a man would carry it, with your hand! If the strap is long, fold them and carry it with your hand. Don’t let it hang on your shoulder please. Men are only allowed to do that with their own bags for MEN.

In the future, I would ask Andrew to get a more masculine baby bag if at all we go out with our baby! Hahahahaha……

Men should carry this kind of bags.

Burberry Handbag collection

OR, if you look like Cristiano Ronaldo. No one would say a word. :P


The macho way of carrying a lady-like bag!


*CHOKES* Even Ironman has his epic-fail moment. -__-


It doesn’t mean when you’re macho, you can carry your bags like this. Sigh……


7 thoughts on “Debate: Should Men Carry Their Girlfriends’ Handbag?”

  1. my exBF used to carry my bag, bags and everything.
    my Husband only carry my bag when the bag is heavy and I will turn my face black when he refused as the reason its heavy partly because there’s a water bottle inside and its heavy.

    I am one of those women, who loves bag but also enjoy my men carry my bag once a while.

  2. Men being men, I dont want them to carry bags except backpack when travelling. I am those women who like her men carry her bag, when its full and heavy and it makes me tired. Therefore, when I choose my bag, he will be the one who choose as well coz he need to carry it too. hahahhahaha

  3. Haha I like u, tot guy carrying their gf/wife’s handbag look abit weird. Especially those tiny handbag ler. I seriously dunno what d woman is thinking.

    1. Hi Maggie, thanks for reading. :)
      Ya, I don’t mind if they carry the bag for their gf/wife for a while. But walk around the mall with it? xD

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