Long Shan Temple 龙山寺. Ximending 西门町. Shilin Night Market 士林夜市.

7th day, Chen Jie of Windsor B&B in Jiu Fen, dropped us somewhere near Long Shan Temple, she brought us to a lingerie shop. :D Some of us got ourselves few pieces of inner wear. :P

After saying goodbye to Chen Jie for her hospitality, we went opposite to the Long Shan Temple, a very famous temple in Taipei. Chen Jie kept reminding us that it is a very efficacious and spiritual temple, do not make any promises to the gods/goddess in there that we could not keep when we wish for something in return. If you get what you wished for and you couldn’t return the kindness to the temple, bad things would happen. So, we were there only to pray, not for some personal wishes. :)

:-| Andrew is in every photo of this Long Shan Temple entrance! LOL!

The modern building at the back spoil the image…… Ishhh……

Our bag-watcher asking for donations!!! Muahahahaha……

The giant fountain in front of Long Shan Temple.

Doggie on a scooter!!! So cute!

We crossed the road to the opposite, there is a row of shops, in between there is this restaurant selling the famous Tainan Bowl Cake (台南碗糕), highly recommended by Chen Jie. We found the restaurant, no crowds. :)

Hehe… They labelled the respective sauces, on the wall! LOL!

Finally! It is so so so so yummy!!! A very simple yet super-yummy delicacy. We don’t know what the ingredients are, but we guess it’s made of some kind of rice, with some shrimp inside. The sauce on top enhanced the whole thing! *Thumbs up*

The restaurant is only selling 2 things, one is the rice cake and another one is this fish ball soup. I don’t like it although it tastes ok.

After the Bowl Cake, we still felt hungry. Just few shops away from the Tainan Bowl Cake, there is another restaurant selling oyster vermicelli. So, we went in to fill our stomachs.

You can forget about trying this place, the oysters taste like rubber and the vermicelli taste bland. It’s difficult to find “bad” food in Taiwan, but we found one. :(

The vegetables… well, taste like vegetables. LOL!

Then, we headed back to Rainbow Hotel to unload our backpacks. When we reached Ximending, Wan Yi was so excited to try the Cold Stone Creamery! I wonder why we waited until now only to try this??? Hmm……

This is just right beside Ximending MRT station. See the white signboard with green fonts on the right, that is where we had our delicious desserts on the first night. Just right beside Cold Stone.

Sorry, couldn’t remember what flavour we had! I think this one is with bananas and nuts.

Chocolate with peanut butter, I think.

Chocolate chips and caramel?

With the yummy ice-cream, we took a stroll in Ximending. A stroll in such a cold weather with cold ice-cream? Bliss! Kekekeke……

Ximending during day time is pretty quiet and peaceful. The crowds come in in the late afternoon when all the shops open.

The crowd is flowing in as the night approaches.

Had our dinner in KFC. I would say Malaysia’s KFC still tastes better.

Then, we decided to go to Shilin Night Market, again. Couldn’t get enough of Shilin. :) There are just too many things there!

The flow of people, never stops!

The mascot of The Modern Toilet Restaurant.

All of us smelled something nice in Shilin and we followed the smell. It came from this restaurant that’s selling all sorts of stewed herbs soup! We were so happy that we found this gem. :D

Different pots for different type of soup.

A signboard thanking all the local/overseas media that have been there to interview them.

We ordered all 5 of the soup! Guess what, they’re not expensive!

TA DA!!! I actually love all of them! Each of them has its own uniqueness.



Pork ribs

Chicken drumstick

Pork lean meat

The stewed herbs soup is pretty heaty, if you’re visiting Taiwan during summer, please be mindful taking all these heaty herbs soup.

Someone is “giving away” her puppies on the street.

You can see a lot, I mean A LOT of motorcycles in Taipei.

“Transformers” shoes!!! This is so cool!!! Someone is wearing it, for real!

This looks funny! What were we doing? To return our EasyCard and so many of us cramped the counter. LOL!

Back in Ximending.

The famous Ximen Red House 西门红楼. It’s now a museum of Taiwan movies history.

Police station of Wanhua District. :D

Their patrol car looks so cool!!!

50 岚. Love the milk tea from this shop! The best.

Random photos taken around Ximending.

There goes our 7 days in Taipei. :)


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