Shitty Memory

When I saw the posts in my WP admin board, I went “what the f……”

My memory is so bad now that I actually forgot that I’ve written the same thing last month!

double post


First, I didn’t believe that pregnancy could mess up our memories, just a little yes, but I didn’t know it would be serious.

And I didn’t believe that even after birth our memories continue to be shitty, and it will only get worse.

It’s so bad that sometimes I forget what I want to say/do in an instance.

I’ve asked Andrew many times, “did I tell you xxxx before?” His answer will always be “yes you did”. -__-

Sometimes when we eat out, “come, let’s go……” “Hey…… We’ve yet to pay ok” He would remind me. @__@

Went to do some grocery shopping, “what do you want to buy?” “Ummm… let me think… wait…… oh…… hhmmm…… I remember I need to get something for Lucy…… I still could remember it when we left home you know…… ARGH!!! Forget it!”

“Where is the wedding dinner?” “Corus.” “Oh…… I think you told me before.” “Yes, I did, my dear.”

“I remember you told me you’re going somewhere this weekend.” “Yes, to service my car.” Few days later I asked him the same question again. LOL!

“How are you going to go to the graduation ceremony after you send your car for servicing?” “Carlyn will come fetch me.” And I asked him again on that day. LOL!

When I saw my boss walked past, “hey boss, I’ve something to ask you…… *2 seconds later* I’m sorry, I forgot what it is……” “You come look for me when you recall.” @__@

Went into the kitchen, then I looked around. Bloody hell, forgot why I went to the kitchen.

I can go on and on.

So, if you read my breastfeeding post before, please pardon me. Hahahaha.

Any remedy to improve our memory?

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