Yong He Soy Milk 永和豆浆. National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物馆. Miramar Ferris Wheel 美丽华摩天轮. Mr. J 意法厨房. Ximending Duck Noodles 鸭肉扁.

Good time passes so fast. It was already our 4th day in Taipei.

Looking back now, I find that this was the day we did lesser of the traveling and sight-seeing. I have no idea why. But on that day itself, we didn’t feel that we missed out anything.

Early that morning, we skipped our breakfast in the hotel. After some discussion, we decided to go for the oh-so-famous Yong He Soy Milk (永和豆浆)! We went to the branch in Shilin, about 10 minutes walk from Shilin MRT station. After you got out from Shilin MRT station, cross the road to the opposite street and walk to the left, all the way straight and you will see the Yong He signboard not far away, few shops after the 7-eleven store.

Hmm…… The soy milk is good, but it’s just like those other good quality soy milk that you could get in Malaysia too. I think it was the words of mouth and the history that got it so famous. However, I do like those other delicacies available in the shop. They go well with the soy milk. You just have to try some of them as you can’t get things like that here in Malaysia.

In our well-planned itinerary, today we were supposed to visit all the memorial halls and places. Since we were already in Shilin, which is near to the National Palace Museum (国立故宫博物馆), we went back to the Shilin MRT station to wait for the bus to go to the museum. It took about 20 minutes bus ride to reach the museum.

Warning/Note: If you are NOT a museum-goer and you do NOT like to see all those antique stuffs, museums/memorial halls are places that you should NOT even plan in your itinerary. Andrew and I still found it to be interesting looking at all those unique and weird creations of those artists. We were still ah-ing and wow-ing at all those crafts. Toward the end, we were equally bored by all the vases and pots. :( While waiting for the bus to come, we went to the open-air deck to take photos. It was freezing cold. After the photo-shooting, I went back in and fell asleep while waiting for the bus! -__- The museum and memorial halls are definitely NOT for young people like us. LOL! Sorry to say that.

So, we decided to drop all the museum and memorial halls in our itinerary. Then we saw there was a signboard stating from National Palace Museum you could take a bus to Miramar Mall and there is a beautiful Miramar Ferris Wheel (美丽华摩天轮). There we were, on the bus to Miramar Mall, an impromptu destination. I am sorry, I couldn’t remember how much the ticket to the ferris wheel costs. :( Argh! Let me go back and check if I still have those tickets with me. Too bad, it was drizzling and the fog was pretty heavy, the view isn’t spectacular as we expected. Perhaps it would be better if we went at night. So people, if you’re reading this, please take note that if you would like to go to the Miramar Ferris Wheel, I strongly encourage you to go during night time. I truly believe that the night view of Taipei is beautiful. See those photos I’ve taken from Taipei 101. :)

While I was in one of the cars on the ferris wheel, I made a call to Mr. J’s French-Italian Restaurant (Mr. J意法厨房) to book a table for 7 of us. From the Miramar Mall, we took the bus back to the Cityhall MRT station. From Cityhall MRT station, we took the shuttle bus (there’s a shuttle bus timetable in the website above) to the Taipei Medical University (台北医学大学). The Mr. J restaurant that we went is located inside the medical university. Go to the website and you can see there is 2 of them at different location. Choose the one you like. :)

The food in Mr. J’s Restaurant is nice! All of us ordered different set of pasta and we must say all of them are nice. The set comes with a drink, soup, salad, pasta and dessert. Scroll down for the photos.

After a great meal, we wanted to take the shuttle bus back to Cityhall MRT station. Who knows, the last shuttle bus in weekend is at 4pm and we were there at 4.30pm! :( Luckily the locals told us we could get a bus across the street to any of the MRT station.

We went back to Ximending as we haven’t really walked around Ximending thoroughly. Andrew called our friend, Then, who moved to Taiwan last year. Then came all the way from Taoyuan to Ximending to have dinner with us. We went to try the famous duck noodles restaurant (鸭肉扁) located in Ximending.

There goes our Day 4. Day 5, we are going to Jiu Fen (九份)! Yeah!

Getting Around:

Yong He Soy Milk (永和豆浆) – MRT Red line to Shilin (士林) station. Cross the street after exit the MRT station, turn left walk about 10 minutes, Yong He is a few shops away after 7-Eleven.

National Palace Museum (国立故宫博物馆) – Take the shuttle bus from Shilin MRT station.

Miramar Ferris Wheel (美丽华摩天轮) – Shuttle bus from National Palace Museum.

Mr. J’s French-Italian Restaurant (Mr. J意法厨房) in Taipei Medical University – MRT Blue line to Cityhall (市政厅) station. Take the shuttle bus from Cityhall MRT station to Taipei Medical University (台北医学大学).

Duck noodles restaurant (鸭肉扁) – MRT to Ximending. It’s located at a corner of the main street of Ximending.

Soy milk with egg.

Here in the National Palace Museum (国立故宫博物馆)

LOL!!! Hahahahaha…… :P

Miramar Ferris Wheel (美丽华摩天轮)

View from inside the car of Ferris wheel.

Here we are, at Mr. J’s French-Italian Restaurant (Mr. J意法厨房).

The interior.

There is upstairs & downstairs.

The food! Overall, they’re delicious! Worth the money.

The dessert.

Cold, cold, cold! (On our way back to Ximending.)

The famous duck noodles (鸭肉扁). It is nice, but it is not like it is super duper yummy until you could go all ga-ga over it.

Our cute and lovely friend, Then. LOL! He would snort at my description here if he sees this. Kakakaka.

9 thoughts on “Yong He Soy Milk 永和豆浆. National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物馆. Miramar Ferris Wheel 美丽华摩天轮. Mr. J 意法厨房. Ximending Duck Noodles 鸭肉扁.”

  1. Thanks for your review of your trip. I also will be visiting Taiwan again and looking forward to sampling the many favorite foods they have there. I am from the U.S. and am an Expat for another month. Thanks again for the nice blog!

    1. Hello again. This was my 4th time to Taiwan and I enjoyed all the sites, sounds and food. I love the Chong Yo Bing the best!

      I hope you don’t mind me self promoting my free application for the iPhone here. Some of the readers may find it useful when visiting Taiwan.

      The iPhone application is called “Taiwan’s Favorite Foods”. It will work on iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices. It is free for now to download.

      The purpose of the application is to showcase 25 foods that the Taiwanese eat for snacks and meals. Many of these foods are also available in the United States as well as in many variations around the world.

      Features include:
      Introduction to the food and its ingredients
      Learn how to pronounce the name of the food in the Taiwanese language
      Listen to common words used for greetings, goodbyes and how to order the food
      A map to show you where to find some of the markets that sell the food in Taiwan

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  2. hi can i know when did u go for the taiwan ? i will be visiting taiwan on coming NOV ,im worry the weather will be cold .

    1. Hi Cavien, I went to Taiwan during end of January. It was cold but still bearable. There were times where it was warm too. However, it would be extremely cold if it was windy. My sisters went to Taiwan in November too, but to them it was not that cold. Still, I’d advise you to bring clothes that you can layer on rather than thick clothes. Wear more layers is easier to take off if the weather gets warmer. And it is also easier to top on more clothes/jackets. :) Hope this helps.

  3. Hi,

    Great post. Would like to ask for your opinion. If stay at ximemding, how to go taoyuan airport early in the morning? Cos my flight is at 9.55am back to kk. Any suggestion? Tq.

    1. Hi Ai Min,

      Thanks for reading. :)

      I bought the return bus ticket from Taoyuan airport, they sent us to Ximending and picked us up in Ximending as well. You may go to the various counters in Taoyuan airport and check. Most of them provide return bus trips. That will save you a lot of hassle. Hope that helps. :)

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