Photography – With Vivian & Friends

Remember the photoshoot with Vivian that I mentioned few weeks ago. Finally I’m done with the photos editing part.

Vivian is so much fun to shoot with, she can definitely work it all. It was so easy to shoot with her.

It was supposed to be a friendship-themed photoshoot. Too bad that it didn’t materialise as there were too many photographers. Ended up that each of us shoot with different people. I was lucky that I followed Vivian. :) I followed her because first, I know her longer, the interactions between 2 of us would be easier. We joked, we talked, we laughed at each other…… Hahaha. Then, I knew that shooting Vivian would be fun. She’s such a bubbly person who likes to smile and laugh a lot.

I knew that she was a bit, hmm… how should I put it? She was probably a bit frustrated that the other photographers didn’t understand the theme that she had wanted. Plus, the other photographers just didn’t give her the attention that she deserved! I always believe that it is not the prettiness of the object that we shoot at, it is always the interactions between the photographers and the object. If you interact well with the object, you can have beautiful photos. So, I can’t understand why those photographers having their eyes fixed on the other 2 pretty ladies. Vivian is all pretty and fine too. I am glad that I shoot her more. My heart felt a bit of the twitch when she mentioned in her blog that there ain’t much photos of her except from me.

I believe the photos speak of themselves. Look at all the wonderful photos I’ve got for Vivian. It once again proves that, you don’t need an almightly camera to take good photos (of course a good camera adds to the finest details of the photo). I’m not being arrogant here, just that I love the photos so much, and I love Vivian too. :) Thanks Vivian for giving me the chance.

She looks so cute! :D

The other photographers didn’t want to have the passer-by in the photo. Well, I was thinking, “the hell with it”. It looks more fun to have other things in the photos. :)

They said silly to have direct sun light on the face of your subject. Well, at least it looks nice here. :p


Goddess in the forest? LOL!

1 thought on “Photography – With Vivian & Friends”

  1. wah, u almost post all pic here… As mentioned earlier, not juz me like all ur pic. My friends also like it :) I'm glad that u make it ash!! Gambadeh yeah !! ^_^

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