iPad Apps Review. Drawn: The Painted Tower

iPad 2 isn’t the first iDevice that I own or owned, had an iPhone 3G that was lost last year and briefly owned the iPad 1 for a month before I gave it to my nephew. I could have started writing the App reviews when I had an iPhone, but I did not. With the iPhone, gaming wasn’t my main purpose but more of texting, surfing the internet and sharing & obtaining information.

Now with the iPad 2, I do a lot of gaming. I am not a person who fancies listening to music or watching movies on a small device like this. When it comes to music and movie, I prefer the conventional means. :)

Since the Jailbreak for iPad 2 has yet to be released, all we can do is download the FREE apps or BUY. Most of them are at an affordable price, which is US$0.99. Whenever there’s some special holiday or occasion in the US, there will be some special price slash off the regular price. That is the best time to quickly grab the app that you like.

I am into hidden object or mystery games. I am not sure why. Guess I prefer games with a story to tell rather than blindly playing it just to get to the finish line.

Long story short, here’s the first app that I’m going to review, Drawn: The Painted Tower, by Big Fish Games Inc. For the full description of the game, click the link above. Am not going to repeat here in my blog about what you can find there.

I’ve been a fan of Big Fish Games since Yahoo! Games. They developed one of the best graphic games other than EA Games. Most of Big Fish Games on Yahoo! are a hit.

I, as expected, was frantically looking for Big Fish Games when I got my iPad. Hahahaha. Download the trial version of Drawn: The Painted Tower, and I fell in love with it. The regular price for a full game was $6.99!!! That is like RM21. Ridiculous. I wasn’t going to buy it. I remember it was $6.99, but now it is $9.99!!! That is even worse!

Mother’s Day came, Big Fish was having a huge discount for all the games! WEEEEEE!!! The Painted Tower became $0.99! Delighted and within seconds, I was downloading the full app. :D

The graphic of The Painted Tower is simply awesome. The interactive part is so interesting. Every scene and location is so strategically intertwined together. The story is amazing too! The puzzles tease your brain so much that it only makes you want more. Some puzzles are tougher but definitely you will be able to solve them. Some of the puzzles even make me giggled for a while. Haha.

The hiccups (of course there’s some hiccups in every app), after playing it for a long time, it takes a bit longer to load the scenes. My solution to this, when I’m done for the day, I’d off the iPad and on it again. It sorts of like let your iPad rests for a while and everything will be running smoothly again. I do this not just when I’m on this game, I do this now and then when I feel the iPad is in need of a reboot. I’ve seen people complaining about the game crashes very frequent, that doesn’t happen to me though, not a single time. *Touch wood* Other than this, nothing much to complain about. :)

Best graphics top with a well-written storyline, definitely an app that you must not miss, if you are a puzzle lover. :) Also, provided that you are willing to pay $9.99 for it. :P

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